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Fallin' for Frozen Interactive Experience

With this experience, users are invited to create their own snowflake which is just as unique as they are. That snowflake is then animated into a scene within the Frozen 2 movie. To create hype upon the release of Frozen 2, we imagined a way for individuals to find out the timecode during which their snowflake appeared in the movie. Through digital and DVD release, there is also a feature that allows users to explore the user-generated snowflake scenes—rotating, zooming in and clicking on the flakes to see who created each flake. Encouraging fans to be a part of this community of snowflakes, but retaining their own individuality within it, reinforces the mass following and heartfelt themes of the franchise.

Interactive Experience

We didn't stop there. We also envisioned that individuals could shop swag that brought their custom snowflake to life as Christmas ornaments, Elsa necklaces and other timeless keepsakes.

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Team Credits: Carter Weitz, Chief Creative Officer • Marty Amsler, Creative Director • Derek Van Horne, Digital Creative Director • Andrea Trew, Senior Designer