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Camille Marlow
Washington D.C. Metro Area - USA
(712) 520-2599

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I'm a midwest-raised Digital Art Director and Product Designer currently based in Washington D.C. There are two things I'm passionate about: 1) the way people interact with design and 2) pizza. On a day-to-day basis, I run the gamut from high-level conceptual thinking to down-in-the-weeds design. While I'm well-versed in all media, my heart pulls toward the thrill of unlocking digital solutions to solve user and client problems alike. My experience includes Panda Express, Phillips 66, Disney, Cuties Mandarins, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Colorectal Cancer Alliance—but sadly, no pizza. If you want to hear me ramble, ask me about my dachshund puppy or recent attempts at Pilates.

My definition of success comes from seeing user, client and technology goals align. I enjoy taking the lead on multiple touchpoints of the product life cycle including:

  • Participating in stakeholder interviews
  • Conducting user research with Hotjar and Google Analytics
  • Matching user goals to personas
  • Creating the information architecture
  • Building sitemaps
  • Designing interactive wireframes with Sketch and InVision
  • Carrying out visual design with the Adobe Creative Suite and Sketch
  • Crafting component libraries to build a design system
  • Collaborating with clients throughout
  • Working directly with developers to implement
  • On-going site analysis and optimizations post-launch

Find me on LinkedIn, Medium, Behance or Instagram for more on what I've been up to lately.